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Face Masks When Flying.

It’s no longer a legal requirement to wear a face mask at airports or onboard planes, however, as per UK Government guidance, we recommend that you continue to wear a face mask in these spaces, and you might need to wear one when you get to your overseas destination too.
There are some carriers which ask you still to wear a face mask on board, and this is often the case on long haul flights or crowded planes.

Do I still need to wear a mask during my flight?
This is likely to depend on the airline, and/or the destination you are traveling too, many airlines are still insisting on masks for the duration, so do check and or ensure you have one with you.

What’s the medical advice on mask wearing?
Public health experts recommend that wearing a mask offers the most effective level of protection.

Can I still wear a mask if I want to?
Yes, of course. Passengers are free to wear their mask around the airport and or on baord the aircraft, be prepared however to remove it/pull down through security and passport checks.

If you do need to wear a face mask, make sure you get the right type and wear it correctly. Look for a medical-style mask or a fitted face covering (reusable or disposable) as coverings such as scarves, snoods or similar items are not appropriate forms of protection.

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