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Booking Travel insurance – is it worth it?

There has never been a more imperative and crucial time to ensure your security when travelling.

Whether you are travelling abroad or in the UK, travel insurance helps you if your plans are disrupted or your accommodation gets cancelled. The last thing you need is a non-refundable trip or deposit. In addition, it also assists you and is essential in the event that you injure yourself or your possessions are stolen, lost or damaged while travelling. Therefore, we can not recommend enough –  always book travel insurance alongside your travel, that way you can rest easy knowing you are covered and protected.

Travel Insurance
So where is the best place to find insurance?

Although there are many different types of travel insurance out there, consider how often you travel and how long for, before making the call.

Single trip insurance only covers your one trip, however if you are someone who travels numerous times per year, you can access an annual multi trip insurance which covers all your trips in that specific year. Pre-existing medical conditions cover medical expenses and facilities should you fall ill or are involved in an accident whilst on holiday. Cruise travel insurance is specifically tailored for those of you who are planning a cruise, and covers things that ordinary covers won’t include, such as; missed port departures, cabin confinement and cover of unused excursions. Winter sports cover is almost vital when involved in skiing or any other type of similar sports. Not only does it cover your accidents and if required rescues, but it also insures your equipment, which can often be expensive.

So why would you ever not insure yourself, it only ever benefits you!

We cannot emphasise enough how important travel insurance is at this time, with the amount of uncertainty, disruptions and changes that are being made, almost on a daily basis, it is important to cover your holiday or travel right from the booking. You are never truly secured without insurance, why put yourself through the stress of not having it, it is so easy to book it alongside your travel, in some cases on the same website!

When you book your travel, and travel insurance, it is also a good idea to book your Airport Parking at the same time.  Meet & Greet Parking is the premium way to park, it is so easy and quick and allows you to meet a fully-insured driver right outside the terminal, with no waiting or fuss.  Ace Airport Parking offer  Meet & Greet at Gatwick, Parking at Heathrow, Stansted and NEW is our finest Meet & Greet at Luton.

Do your research and choose the most valued company.  We ask all customers of our customers to rate their experience, take a look at our airport parking genuine reviews here, by real customers.

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