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What is the difference between Valet Parking & Airport Parking?

So it seems you are wondering what the difference is between valet (meet and greet) parking, and Gatwick airport parking in general? Well here at Ace, we’d like to explain, as there is a lot of difference!

The Main difference


Valet Parking allows you to step straight from your car into the departures terminal, as well as giving you the convenience of coming straight out of the arrivals terminal, and driving away in your own car that is waiting for you, immediately.
Standard airport parking is often not anywhere near the terminal (especially cheap parking that could be up to a 20 min drive away!), meaning you have to arrange airport buses / transfers to and from the terminal, whatever time you land, and whatever the weather.

Cost Effective

Meet and Greet (valet) parking is much more cost effective than most think. Just because your car is picked up / dropped off right outside the terminals, does not mean that it costs the earth. In fact it is often cheaper than other airport parking. As 2012’s parking website of the year, Ace Parking’s quick quotes come with a price match guarantee. You won’t find cheaper, and if you do, we’ll match it!
Airport Parking on the airport site is notoriously expensive. Cheaper parking is often far away, and incurs extra transfer / taxi fees. Trains, coaches and buses to and from the airport can also be expensive and inconvenient. Get a quote to drive your own car directly to the terminals and see how much you can save.


Have you ever wondered how safe airport parking at hotels, pubs and houses off site and miles away from the airport are? Do they have security for your car? How safe it is for you to get to and from there in the middle of the morning, or late at night?
The airport parking area with Ace Parking is permanently monitored to ensure complete security of all vehicles stored there. Arriving late at night, a lone traveller doesn′t have to worry about finding their car buried deep in a dark corner of a basement car park. With our valet parking in Gatwick your car will be ready, waiting and warm for you to get straight into and drive away.

Families / Special Assistance

Going on holiday if you are a family is stressful enough trying to monitor the little ones, as well as carrying a lot of extra baggage. Lugging it all onto public transport, or transfers before & after your holiday could be extremely stressful too with standard airport parking.
Valet parking is perfect for families and those needing special assistance alike. You may have your family car, big enough to get you all to the airport, or you may have a specially equipped disabled car. Whichever one, let Ace Meet and Greet you, so there is no extra walking / travelling to the terminals to tire you or stress you out.


Late for your flight? Did you get stuck in traffic on your way to Gatwick? Imagine having to not only find your car spot with standard airport parking, but then you’ll also have to get to the terminals via public transport or transfers that you usually have to wait for. Perhaps your incoming flight has been delayed, so you’ve missed your transfer to your standard parking?
Business men, and travellers of all kinds, prefer to park with valet parking to reduce the risk of missing their flight, or transfers back to their car. They simply drive directly to their terminal, and a professional Ace valet driver will be there to meet & greet them, on departure and arrival.


Most of us forget the weather in the UK when we are in holiday mode, and will board the plane home in flip flops, t-shirts and even heels! As we land, we often see grey skies, rain, wind and cringe at the thought of finding / making your way to your standard parking on / off site.
Valet parking eliminates this, and welcomes flip flops and shorts, as we’ll be there with your pre-warmed car, ready and waiting for you to set off home – whatever you’re attire and whatever the weather!


How much do you know about the company where you are keeping your precious car? Is it a dark hotel car park? An offsite unmanned car park? Perhaps you have no idea what it is, as you booked through a comparison site and just looked at the price? Are there extra charges when you get there, and most importantly are they insured?
Ace Parking is dedicated to being professional – all our fully comprehensive insured drivers are consistently reliable, and will take excellent care of you and your car. Our website is extremely easy, and quick to use, providing you with quotes in just 3 easy steps, or in just make one call to our proficient office staff.
Don’t risk it, get directly to the terminal in your own car. Check how much cheaper it is than you think with our price match promise, and visit Ace today for all your Valet, and Meet & Greet parking at Gatwick.


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