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What is Meet & Greet Airport Parking?

Meet and Greet parking is the most convenient way to park at an airport. Rather than parking your car miles away in a private, unsecured parking space that needs extra transfers, or using the airports parking that can often prove extremely expensive, Meet & Greet is a service that gets you directly to the departure door whilst your car is whisked away to a safe, secure parking – only to be waiting for you at arrivals on your return.
Think those American movies, like pretty woman. The suave businessman rolls up to the classy hotel, throws his keys to his extremely expensive car to a nerdy valet, and waltzes straight into the hotel lobby whilst his car is parked safely for him. OK, so maybe you’re not Richard Gere, and we’re not nerdy valets (well maybe we are!), you aren’t going to a Hotel, and you sure don’t have a flash supercar? Well that’s where Ace Parking comes in! If you’re flying from Gatwick, meet and greet parking will provide you with that same service, for a fraction of the cost. You’ll benefit from the following;

The Most Convenient Way To Park At Gatwick

Step straight from your car into the terminal. Simply drive to departures, hand us the keys, and we’ll take your car to our super secure Gatwick Parking. When you land, your car will be waiting at arrivals for you to jump in and drive home. We′ll make sure you start and end your trip with a friendly, reliable collection and drop-off, at your suitability.
Cost-effective Airport Parking – Meet & Greet parking is MUCH cheaper than most people think. In fact, we compete with all the other types of airport parking, and even have a price match promise. You’ll also save money by not paying for transfers, busses or trains to and from the airport. Ace Parking is 2012’s parking website of the year, you won’t find cheaper, and if you do, we’ll match it!

Safer Place For Your Vehicle

Our Gatwick parking location is a purpose built parking facility that’s permanently monitored to ensure complete security of all vehicles stored there.
Safer For You – if you’re arriving late at night you don’t have to worry about finding your car, buried deep in some dark corner of a car park – rather, your car will be ready, waiting and warm for you to get straight into and drive away.

Essential If You Are Less Physically Abled

If you have a disabled car, or need special assistance, Meet & Greet is the perfect solution for your Gatwick parking. Travel in your own equipped car, and be picked up by it too.
Fantastic For Families –with more bags, and more little people, carting kids and luggage on public transport or transfers can cause unnecessary stress. Simply drive the whole family to the airport, in your car, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Meet & Greet Is Quicker Than Them All

Since you drive straight to departures, and get picked up just outside arrivals, there is simply no quicker way to park at Gatwick. Got out of that meeting late? Stuck in traffic on the way? For those with little extra time on their hands, meet & greet is the only one for you.

Meet & Greet Is Warmer!

You get off the plane after your holidays, and you quickly remember that whilst in holiday mode, you chose your flip flops and t-shirt to fly in – it’s a common story! Now you’re faced with the wind & rain of Gatwick and you have to go find your car! Not with us; come out of the arrivals terminal and be met by your own, pre warmed vehicle ready to get home and put the fire on.

Meet & Greet Is Fully Insured

We will take excellent care of your car and our fully comprehensive insured drivers are commitment to providing customers with a consistent, reliable and first-rate service, whether travelling for business, pleasure, long or short stays.

Meet & Greet Is Quick And Easy To Book

You can book your Gatwick airport parking online, on our easy to use website, in just 3 simple steps, at any time. We are also available via phone, should you wish to ask any questions before you book.

To summarize, once you have tried meet & greet parking at Gatwick Airport for the first time with Ace Parking, you simply won’t park anywhere else again. PLUS you’ll look all ‘Richard Gere’ & super smooth, if you have ladies to impress of course, or you just want to treat your granny!


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Meet and Greet Airport Parking is the easiest way to park.

Drive straight to the airport terminal, drop off your car, and head straight to check-in. Simple!