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Safe Gatwick Airport Parking with Ace Airport Parking

Safe Meet and Greet Parking

How safe is your car at Gatwick Airport?

It is important to trust the company who is taking care of your car. If you are driving to Gatwick airport to go on holiday or leave for a business trip, we want you to know that your car is in the best hands.  We want you to leave your car knowing that it will be returned to you in the same condition you left it.

Park Mark awarded car parks are protected and trusted by the safer parking scheme, a national standard for UK car parks that have low crime and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

Here are some of the ways we ensure you and your car are safe.

Meet and Greet Parking

Rather than driving to and finding unknown airport parking places off the airport site, we will meet you right outside departures. Our fully insured drivers will pick up your car, drive it to our secure location for you, and return it in exactly the same condition at arrivals on your return. No messing, no getting lost in the darker hour; just super safe and very convenient.

24 hour surveillance car parks

Our Gatwick car parks are extremely secure, are manned with security as well as benefitting from 24 hour surveillance.

Trustworthy, fully trained staff

All our staff are trained to the highest level, are comprehensively insured to drive your car, and have been employed because they know our importance of safety and trust. Your car will be taken, and returned in exactly the same condition as you left it.

Safer to pick up / drop off your car

Unlike other airport parking services at Gatwick airport, with Ace’s meet and greet, there are no transfers in the wee hours for you as a lone traveller, or when you are with your family. You won’t have to wait for the buses, shuttles or transfers whilst no one is around, neither will you have to search around a dark car park looking for your car.  Meet and greet parking is right outside the terminal in a well lit area.

Regulated / Insured Parking

Unlike private parking around Gatwick Airport, Ace Airport Parking is fully insured and regulated. This means, if something was to go wrong, you’re covered. It may be just slightly cheaper to park on someone’s drive, but do you trust them to take you to the airport? Do you trust them with your car, and will they definitely return it? We have heard some awful tales on this one, so even if you choose not to park with us, we’d advise to always choose a regulated, fully insured company, for the safety of you and your vehicle.

Safer for your money

Booking your parking online is safe and secure,  you can pay by all major credit/debit cards on our fully secure and encrypted site, so you are safe in the knowledge that your money and details are safe. You will also receive email confirmations, as well as formal paperwork to confirm, note and document the condition of your car.

Ace Airport Parking has been in the Gatwick Airport parking business since 2005, and we are proud and committed to providing you with not only the safest possible environment for your vehicle, but the highest levels of customer service, with competitive prices to match.

As one of the leading meet and greet providers at Gatwick, we constantly strive to keep our position there, along with keeping our loyal happy customers.

Please read our genuine customer reviews on our testimonials page to see just what they do think.

Rest assured that your car is in the safest possible hands, so your holiday / trip can be as stress free as possible.



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Meet and Greet Airport Parking is the easiest way to park.

Drive straight to the airport terminal, drop off your car, and head straight to check-in. Simple!