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Updated Travel Restrictions.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a crippling effect all over the World. From people losing their lives, friends or family members, to losing homes, jobs and having to close business doors. Everyone has had their own, very unique experience of it all as we’ve had such individual circumstances to deal with.

Similarly, with the economy, some industries have been hit extremely hard by covid, others have sailed through unscathed, whilst quite a few have flourished.

The companies that have catered for the world to be indoors have seen their best turnovers since start up; we’ve watched them, we’ve listened to them, played, made, cooked and sung.

All the while the industries that cater for us to be outdoors; to eat, drink, travel and fly, to walk, run, swim and climb, have suffered. From hospitality and recreation, to travel and tourism, and every single company that makes exploring and being in the outdoors, better. Those businesses have had to wait, re-invent, hold on and quite frankly, hope to survive.

It’s been a rocky road for our travel industry, especially as our particular restrictions seemed to get tighter and tighter. Huge names like Thomas Cook and Flybe have perished under the strain. We still aren’t sure how far along that road we are, or indeed, how long the road is, but there’s been a big bright beacon of hope this week!

Travel Restrictions are eventually looking to ease!

So what do we know so far?

On Monday 3rd May, Boris Johnson announced that from May 17th the travel restrictions will begin ‘opening up’ but warned it would be with caution and strict guidelines.

There will be a traffic light system where countries will be classified into green with the least rules, amber with some, and then red with the tightest restrictions.

GreenMust get tested to travel, but don’t have to stay in a managed quarantine hotel, isolate at home or have further PCR testing.

AmberMust get tested to travel, don’t have to stay in a managed quarantine hotel but must isolate for 10 days when home as well as have further PCR testing

Red – only for UK / Irish residents, must test before travel, must stay in a managed quarantine hotel on return (10 days), must have further PCR testing

Johnson said, “I think that there will be some openings up on the 17th (May) but we have got to be cautious, we have got to be sensible, we have got to make sure we don’t see the virus coming back in.”

There will apparently be more updates about which countries will be on what list, and as you can imagine all media outlets are guessing and placing their bets on the coveted ‘green list’, some naming Malta, Portugal and Spain, others saying Gibraltar, France and Greece. Ultimately, no one knows just at the moment but, not surprisingly, the whole of the UK is currently on bated breath and already eagerly searching for holidays, flights, excursions and, as we’ve found, airport parking!

Although the news only broke on Monday, we’ve had an influx of airport parking enquiries and even had airport parking bookings at our major, busy airports like Gatwick, StanstedHeathrow and even Birmingham! It seems like everyone is scrambling to book the most popular times / weeks. We’ve also had quite a number of people looking for airport parking in Edinburgh and Glasgow but, as yet, Scotland is not announcing the same travel lifts unfortunately.

We are excited! Excited to welcome customers again, excited to be doing what we love again, excited to meet and greet, answer your questions, even if it is with tight restrictions and full PPE!

We’ve been working hard on making sure that when this time came, we’d be fully ready for our customers to book and travel and feel safe and protected with us.

With these ever changing times, we’ve had to look over and amend our usual policies for bookings, amendments, cancellations and everything in between.

Here’s how Ace is going to make your parking at the airport this summer, a covid-safe, covid-dependant breeze!!

  • Change, edit and re-issue booking with NO penalties / charges – All customers will be able to book airport parking across our network of airports, with the peace of mind that should your travel dates change; there will be no change or reissuance fees. (Difference in fare, if applicable, might apply.)
  • No contact Meet and Greet airport parking –
    All of our staff have been trained to meet you at the airport as usual, but maintain covid-safe regulations like cleanliness, social distancing and of course wearing PPE.
  • Added safety measures have been put in place –   
    Extra / specialist cleaning, sanitising areas / stations, one way systems, restrictions on how many people can be in spaces and more.

This updated booking policy covers all airports where Ace Airport Parking operates their own service from. For full details, head to the Travel Support Page on our website.

If you’re looking to make a booking, if you have any questions or reservations, please feel free to contact us on 01293 533 000, [email protected] or head to our online contact form.

We look forward to seeing you!

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